Ceramica romana nell'Adriatico. Produzione, tipologia e distribuzione (2018/2019)

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Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
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NN - -
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Sem. 1A dal Sep 24, 2018 al Nov 10, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The main goal of the course is to provide theoretical and practical training experience on Roman pottery. The students will evaluate and appreciate similarities and differences in typological problems, approaches, methods, technique, design and material choice applied on different pottery classes. The participants will work with authentic pottery from the ancient city of Aquileia. Practical excercises in different techniques of pottery production will also be performed by the partecipants through the use of potter’s wheel and kiln especially arranged for the Summer School.


The Summer School aims to provide every student with a theoretical framework and practical training (both in English and Italian) through separate educational panels. The main topic discussed are:

I. Problems of production in Mediterranean East and West.
II. Problems of production and typo-chronological studies: focus on western and eastern Adriatic coast
III. Interpretation of different case studies: both from northern Adriatic area and from Noricum
IV. Pottery in cotext
V. Pottery and technology
VI. Pottery and archaeometry
VII. Pottery and trade
VIII. Pottery and society

Assessment methods and criteria

A maximum of 20 students will be admitted to the Summer School. The selection will be made on the
basis of the academic degrees and curriculum studiorum of the students. It will be gived priority to Master’s and PhD students or to students graduating with final thesis on Roman pottery. Submission are expected no later than 30th September 2018.