Communication law (p) (2018/2019)

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Mattia Cavaleri
Mattia Cavaleri
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Sem. 1A, Sem. 1B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to introduce students to the general principles founding the national legal system, with a look to the EU law, and to analyze the different industry regulations that have occurred over the years in order to provide the fundamental to the understanding of the legal framework of the media.
The course also provides an introduction that provides learners with the basic legal concepts necessary for the understanding of the notions more specialized, taking into account the fact that this is the first training in a strictly legal setting that students are facing.
The course provides an introductory part that provides learners with the basic legal notions for the understanding of the most specialized concepts.
Specifically, we will analyze the regulations, also of a deontological nature, which have followed one another over time, so as to provide the fundamental elements for understanding the legal regulation of communication.
The course allows students to acquire knowledge of the sectoral regulatory landscape and limits that meet freedom of expression and the right to report constitutionally guaranteed.


A) General:
- Introduction to the field of law, with specific reference to the concepts of rule of law, the legal system and the substantial subjective position.
- Forms of state and of government.
- The European Union.
- The sources of law.
- The Constitutional Court.
- The organization of the public administration.
B) Special section:
- The principle of freedom of thought and expression; freedom of information and freedom of the press and the news, criticism and satire.
- The regulation of the press and the regulation of the journalist’s profession: legislation, regulation and ethics.
- The regulation of the broadcasting system.
- The discipline of the word of movies and theater.
- The funds of the show business

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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Assessment methods and criteria

Written test, aimed at ascertaining the level of knowledge of the different parts of the program.
Normally, the test provides the indication of four questions-tracks, open-anwer - and, if necessary, also closed - to be developed by the student, in order to evaluate both the level of knowledge of the different parts of the program, and the exhibition capacity and the property of language also in terms of technical-legal terminology.
The test may take between an hour and a half to two hours.
The exam mode is the same for attending and non-attending students