Recording the theatrical ephemeral (2018/2019)

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Simona Brunetti
Simona Brunetti
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Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

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Learning outcomes

We intend to offer a range of theoretical and methodological tools to prepare the inventory of the remains and the possible reconstruction of a lost representative event through a detailed examination of what it is possible to collect, store and catalog of a live performance once this ephemeral event is ended. During frontal lessons students will acquire the necessary skills to understand the different nature of the many coefficients proposed by a prose show, meanwhile during laboratory lessons they will test their ability to put into practice what they have learnt.


Lectures will be structured in a thematic way and will address methodological issues related to different chronological periods:

1. XVIth and XVIIth centuries.
2. XVIIIth century.
3. XIXth century.
4. XXth century.

Workshop meetings will deepen from the practical point of view what emerged from the theoretical point of view.

Lessons will be held for eight meetings:

- 4 theorical lessons: room Artemisia D3, 9:00-11:15, on 6/03, 13/03, 20/03, 27/03;
- 4 practical lessons; room Daneloni 3.26, 9:00-13:30, on 8/04, 10/04, 15/04, 17/04.

Access allowed for up to 30 students maximum.
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Reference books
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Assessment methods and criteria

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