History of the Latin language (m) (2018/2019)

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Licinia Ricottilli
Licinia Ricottilli
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Language of instruction
Sem. 1A, Sem. 1B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide an in-depth analysis of an important field of the Latin language, i. e. the Colloquial Latin, the tools for identifying it and its evolution of time.
We will analyze the forms of Colloquial Latin, through a reading of the texts that will also allow to frame these phenomena within the authors’ linguistic and stylistic preferences.

This in-depth analysis will be conducted through theoretical lessons on the concept of "Umgangssprache" and on the modalities that allow it to be identified. The teacher will also provide a linguistic analysis of texts, with specific reference to their cultural, historical and literary frame.
Prerequisites: advanced knowledge of the Latin language.
Expected learning outcomes: at the end of the course the student
- knows the essential features of Colloquial Latin;
- is able to provide a literal translation and a grammatical analysis of the texts chosen for the course;
- develops autonomous skills of understanding and interpreting the texts offered, as well as identifying the features of Colloquial Latin;
- improve communication skills, elaborating a better awareness of the linguistic codes of communication;
- is stimulated to develop autonomous ability to recognize linguistic varieties and their functionalization in a given context.


The course will be conducted through theoretical lessons on the concept of "Umgangssprache" and on the modalities that allow it to be identified.
The teacher will also identify the Colloquial Latin in Petron's "Cena Trimalchionis" and provide a linguistic analysis of text, with specific reference to author's linguistic and stylistic preferences.


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2. G. F. Gianotti, La cena di Trimalchione. Dal Satyricon di Petronio, Roma 2013

Petronio Arbitro, Satyricon, intr. trad. e note di A. Aragosti, Rizzoli (BUR), Milano 1995, cap. 26.7 - 78
Petronii Arbitri Cena Trimalchionis, a cura di E. V. Marmorale, Firenze 1961 (2. ed.) o ristampe successive
edizione critica con traduzione francese:
Pétron, Le Satiricon, textes établi et traduit par A. Ernout, Paris 1970, cap. 26.7 - 78.
3. A. Traina – G. Bernardi Perini, Propedeutica al latino universitario, Bologna, Pàtron 1998 6. ed. (o successive).

Teaching methods:

Lectures, exercises and, where possible, seminar activities.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
G. F. Gianotti La cena di Trimalchione. Dal Satyricon di Petronio (Edizione 1) Bonanno editore 2013 978-88-7796-861-6
J. B. Hofmann, L. Ricottilli La lingua d'uso latina (Edizione 3) Pàtron 2003 88-555-2698-7
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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consist of an oral interview, partly via readings of texts in the original language, which intend to ascertain the level of achievement of the learning obiectives previously indicated.

N.B. Non-attending students are requested to contact the teacher in due advance so as to define a specific program.