Subject requirements: logical and argumentative skills (2019/2020)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Simona Brunetti
Simona Brunetti
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
NN - -
Language of instruction
not yet allocated

Learning outcomes

The course aims to recover the basic knowledge that the student must possess in order to successfully attend the course of study.


The course includes exercises of texts comprehension of different typology and it aims at consolidating the following skills: understanding of the text, previous knowledge (knowledge of general culture mainly in literary, linguistic, historical, artistic and geographical fields).

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Luca Serianni Leggere, scrivere, argomentare. Prove ragionate di scrittura Laterza 2013
Susanna Nocchi Nuova grammatica pratica della lingua italiana : esercizi, test, giochi Firenze, ALMA Edizioni 2014
Paoli, Francesco, Carlo Crespellani Porcella, Giuseppe Sergioli Ragionare nel quotidiano Mimesis 2012

Assessment methods and criteria

Multiple choice test 100 minutes long:


50 questions divided into 3 sections:
- understanding of texts and knowledge of Italian language: 30 questions;
- knowledge acquired in previous studies: 10 questions;
- logical-critical reasoning: 10 questions
TOTAL: 50 questions

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and in accordance with the University of Verona guidelines, during ​the 2020 summer session the assessment modality will be modified as follows: online written exam.