Surveying and cartography (i) (2019/2020)

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Silvino Salgaro, Gianmarco Lazzarin
Silvino Salgaro
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Sem 1B dal Nov 11, 2019 al Jan 11, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

This course aims at making students acquainted with the knowledge of cartography understood as the language of geography and as an expressive way of space organization. Beginning from the first graphic expressions of space, working on theoretical and practical processes, the student will arrive to the practical use of GIS and GPS and their application in geographic, archaeological, historical and cultural fields.
Analyzing the history of cartographic techniques, the course will highlight mental processes, interdisciplinary relationships and objectives, through which mankind has organized and design the future of territories in different scales. Its knowledge, as a form of language and means of communication, aims at providing interpretative keys for decoding the concerned visual messages.



The course is structured in a theoretical and a practical part.
- Space and its representation over time
- Objectives and purposes of spatial representation
- Methods, techniques and tools for spatial representation
- Knowledge, professionalism, institutional roles of the cartographer

Teaching methods
Teaching methods are distinct from attending and non-attending students.
With regard to attending students, teaching methods consist in frontal lessons in Italian language devoted to the transmission of basic notions, key categories and key application tools. Additionally, exercises in the History and Cartography Didactics Lab provide useful support in understanding case studies related to the present day with maps and documentary material.
Throughout the academic year the teacher is available for an individual meetings, agreed via web or telephone. Attending students will receive the complete calendar of teaching activities with the dates, classrooms and topics covered in the lessons, and how to prepare and take the exam.
With regard to non-attending students, the teaching methods consist of a teacher support to facilitate the textbook study. Any further information will be provided to the student when the ad hoc program is agreed upon.
The content of the textbooks, as well as the lessons and exercises held in the classroom, is adhering to the program.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lodovisi, Torresani Cartografia e informazione geografica: storia e tecniche Patron 2005

Assessment methods and criteria

Suggested material
Attending students:
- Lodovisi A. e Torresani S., Cartografia e informazione geografica: storia e tecniche, Patron Editore, 2005

Non-attendanting students:
Program to be agreed with the teacher