Cultural Heritage and the Web (2019/2020)

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Piergiovanna Grossi
Piergiovanna Grossi
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Sem 2A dal Feb 17, 2020 al Mar 28, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

This workshop is meant to provide: an introduction to the laws and regulations concerning publishing of cultural heritage data; a basic knowledge of the most widespread web services and main web publishing tools; the ability to design, implement and modify web pages through the most common CMS.
The aim is to provide students with necessary skills to autonomously manage some of the most commonly used applications to create web sites and in publishing online projects for the enhancement and protection of cultural heritage.


The workshop comprises both front lectures and exercises (lab. S1).

25/02/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Regulations concerning publishing of cultural heritage data; basics of legislation about digital rights; introduction to internet services and the web.
How to navigate between social networks, wikis, collaborative writing platforms, etc.

26/02/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Introduction to the basic concepts of Internet and the web.
introduction to the use of CMS: standards and accessibility guidelines.

03/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Creation of web pages, content editing, personalization.

04/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Fundamentals of web design
(the use of colors, fonts and media, web standards and accessibility).

10/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Image processing
(size reduction, quality improvements, using watermarks for copyright protection or recognition, etc.).

11/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Storytelling and presentation
(writing appropriate and captivating texts for the public).

17/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Design and implementation of a site or a blog
(site design, preparation of texts and images).

18/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Design and implementation of a site or a blog
(structuring your site on line).

24/03/2020 ore 11.50-13.30
Design and implementation of a site or a blog
(final presentation).

WARNING: The number of allowed students for this course is limited. For the registration send an e-mail to: Registration deadline 12th February 2020.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Docente del corso la preparazione si baserà su sitografia, slides, tutorial forniti dalla docente e sulla partecipazione attiva alle lezioni. 2019 Al termine delle singole lezioni verranno forniti i materiali utilizzati durante le lezioni stesse. Sarà indicata di volta in volta una bibliografia e sitografia aggiornata e specifica sull'argomento trattato.

Assessment methods and criteria

Creation of a website or a blog on topics related to cultural heritage.
The task can be completed individually or in a team.
The website/blog will be the subject of the final valuation.

Three lessons of this course will be allocated for the the students to design, implement and discuss with their colleagues a prototype of a website/blog, under the supervision of the teacher.