How to write your dissertation (2019/2020)

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Alessandro Arcangeli
Alessandro Arcangeli
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NN - -
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Sem 1A, Sem 1B, Sem 2A

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Learning outcomes

During the eight hours available, students will learn the basic rules for the correct drafting of a thesis.


During the seminar the issues concerning the choice of the type of thesis and the topic will be addressed, and then the different types of sources to be used will be ascertained. The graphic layout and the structure of the elaborate will also be analyzed, and the basic rules will be provided to effectively cite other texts and to prepare the footnotes and the final bibliography. Finally, the tools and digital resources for the research of bibliographic materials will be examined.

Reference books
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il modulo non prevede bibliografia  

Assessment methods and criteria

In order to obtained the credit, students who have inserted the activity in the study plan must:
- participate in at least 3 of the 4 seminars;
- turn up for a brief interview within the office hours of prof. Arcangeli.