History and sociology of journalism and editorial processes - SOCIOLOGIA DEL LIBRO E DELLA CRONACA GIORNALISTICA (M) (2019/2020)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Lorenzo Reggiani
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem 1A, Sem 1B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with the fundamental tools to analyze the role of journalism in contemporary society (with particular attention to journalistic reporting) and publishing. At the end of the course the student will have acquired the conceptual, methodological and cultural bases necessary to analyze and interpret the journalistic universe, from the organization of a newspaper to the different types of journalism, will also have acquired sociological skills related to the world of book publishing and its changes determined by the digital age.


Regular reading of a newspaper, national o local; vision of television news. Interest in reading in general and in reading books in particular.
The news: what it is, how it is originated, how to stress its value, how toh ide it, the sources and the eye of the reporter, time and place of work; journalism and journalisms; new horizons of information; broadening of journalistic field.
The course of the book and its process of communication up to the new chapter opened by digital technology.
Bibliography: C.Sorrentino, Il giornalismo che cos'è e come funziona (Carocci); C. Sorrentino, E. Bianda, Studiare giornalismo-ambiti logiche attori (Carocci); G. Roncaglia, La quarta rivoluzione. Sei lezioni sul futuro del libro (Laterza); M. Rak, Comunicare con il libro (Mondadori); G. A. Ferrari, Libro (Bollati Boringhieri)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
M. Rak Comunicare con il libro Mondadori Università 2011
C. Sorrentino Il giornalismo. Che cos'è e come funziona Carocci 2002
G. Roncaglia La quarta rivoluzione. Sei lezioni sul futuro del libro Laterza 2010
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C.Sorrentino e E. Bianda Studiare giornalismo-ambiti logiche attori Carocci 2013

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with open questions.