Filosofia ed etica della comunicazione - ETICA DELLA COMUNICAZIONE (P) (2020/2021)

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Federico Leoni
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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CuCi IB dal Nov 9, 2020 al Jan 9, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to outline some fundamental issues and problems of that reality we call communication. It elaborates a critical reflexion on the paradigms which dominate the average comprehension of the event of communication. And it tries to extract some solutions and suggestions about certain major ethical and theoretical questions pertaining to the field of communication.


The title of this years's lessons will be "Rumors". We will study the idea of communication which dominates the functioning of the public sphere as this sphere emerges from the experience of Enlightment. We will then show how the history of the last century questioned this idea and this functioning. We will study the figure of the so-called "rumors", the increasingly important role of the fake news within the political arena, and the disturbing yet unavoidable figure of the "vox populi".

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Federico Leoni Jacques Lacan, una scienza di fantasmi Orthotes 2019
Jean-Noël Kapferer Rumors. I più antichi media del mondo Armando Editore 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the learning outcomes of the key concepts of philosophy of communication will be done by means of a written test concerning the program carried out during the course and especially the texts of the syllabus. The questions of the test will consist of 3 open questions about issues that require articulated and argued answers.