Media, culture e societa' - GIORNALISMO INTERCULTURALE E MULTIMEDIALITA' (M) (2020/2021)

Course code
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Maurizio Corte
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide theoretical knowledge and critical tools to be able to read and analyze information concerning "diversity", with particular reference to the theme "media and immigration" and the representation of crime and justice in the media .
At the end of the course, students will be able to translate the critical skills acquired into the production skills of multimedia products that focus on the theme of cultural diversity and justice.


- Communication: from interpersonal relationships to mass media to digital communication
- Intercultural communication
- Media theories and the digital challenge
- The role of the media in a pluralistic society: mass media and cultural diversity / media and immigration
- The role of the media in representing the cultural diversity represented by the adoption of children (foreigners and non-foreigners)
- Intercultural Journalism: theory and technique of journalism in a pluralistic society
- Crime, justice and media: how the media represent court cases (focus on a specific court case
- Investigative Journalism: theory and technique of investigative journalism in a society where crime and justice become a mass media phenomenon (in news and fiction)
- Journalistic writing technique: basic elements for writing articles and press releases / fundamentals of web writing

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Roberta Cellore (a cura di) Cara Adozione ItaliaAdozioni 2017
Maurizio Corte Giornalismo Interculturale e Comunicazione nell'era del digitale (Edizione 1) Cedam 2014
Laura Baccaro - Maurizio Corte Il Biondino della Spider Rossa Cacucci 2018
S. Bentivegna – G. Boccia Artieri Le teorie delle comunicazioni di massa e la sfida digitale Laterza 2019
S. Lepri Professione giornalista Rizzoli-Etas 2005

Assessment methods and criteria

- Objectives of the assessment test (s): verify the acquisition of the theoretical knowledge object of the teaching and the technical skills transmitted during the course
- Test contents: the topics of the teaching program
- Assessment method: written with the writing of articles and term papers on the topics of the program
- Assessment method: overall score on the examination test expressed out of thirty
- The exam is the same for "attending" and "not attending"