Inglese c2 verona [Gruppo 4] (2020/2021)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Manuela Pola Ponda
Manuela Pola Ponda
Academic sector
CLA/ING - Lingua Inglese
Language of instruction
1° semestre, 2° semestre

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Learning outcomes

Lo studente al termine del corso è in grado di comprendere senza sforzo praticamente tutto ciò che ascolta o legge. Sa riassumere informazioni tratte da diverse fonti, orali e scritte, ristrutturando in un testo coerente le argomentazioni e le parti informative. Si esprime spontaneamente, in modo molto scorrevole e preciso e rende distintamente sottili sfumature di significato anche in situazioni piuttosto complesse.


GRAMMAR Revision of all items covered in previous levels

Future forms (An overview and shades of meaning)
Nouns with a special meaning in the plural – Good(s), damage(s), ground(s), etc.
Pronouns One/You/They – (To replace the Passive)
Participle clauses (Present and Present – I fell on the ice, injuring my arm/Two people, injured when their car crashed into a tree, were taken to hospital)
Modals (Revision)
Complex passive constructions (e.g. He is believed to have absconded with the funds.)
• Idioms (Revision of those taught at previous levels + as many other commonly used idioms as possible)
• Phrasal verbs (Revision of those taught at previous levels + as many other commonly used phrasal verbs as possible)
• Proverbs
• Colloquialisms
• Collocations
• Text organisers
• Words with subtle differences in meaning
• Newspaper language (The study of authentic material, e.g.
newspaper / magazine articles / is strongly recommended)
- presentations and oral practice