Books and writings of the Greek world (2020/2021)

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Paolo Scattolin
Paolo Scattolin
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NN - -
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CuCi IA, CuCi IB

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Learning outcomes

Students will be given an overview of the Greek book hand writings (IV a.C. - XV c.), and will learn to read them.


Theoretical basis; transcription and paleographical commentary of reproductions from papyri and medieval Greek manuscripts (IV a.C. - XV c.).
Consultation and practice material will be distributed in photocopies during the course, or uploaded on the Moodle platform of the Ateneo.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
P. Degni-E. Crisci La scrittura greca dall'antichità all'epoca della stampa. Una introduzione Carocci 2011 978-88-430-5168-7

Assessment methods and criteria

Analysis essay of a reproduction from a Greek manuscript (transcription and paleographical commentary).
Students are required to attend at least 2/3 of class sessions.