Sociology of Communication (2019/2020)

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Lorenzo Migliorati
Lorenzo Migliorati
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NN - -
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Sem 2A, Sem 2B

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Learning outcomes

This course aims to introduce students to the knowledge of issues related to the concept of "Communication", according to a purely sociological perspective.
In the course we will explain some of the most important Sociological Theories and, starting from the “Information” meaning we will see how and why communication is, first of all, a relational and interpersonal act. The pivot of the discussion will be the ways in which societies, pre-modern and modern, create shared horizons of meaning and exchange meanings through the communicative process.


During the course we will discuss about:

1) Sociological views of the Theory of Communication
2) From Sign to Symbol
3) Interpersonal Communication
4) Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Articles and other sheets will be add on the E-learning platform (these contents are ONLY for personal interests. They will not be included in the exam).

IMP. Students will be informed about how the lessons will be delivered. To date, Tuesday 18 March, is expected to be the Moodle platform (On-line) but, if during the weeks, there will be any updates I will inform you about the places and times.

The lectures will be delivered by Dr. Gianluca Lanfranchi to whom you can ask for further clarifications or explanations:

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Paccagnella Luciano Sociologia della comunicazione Il Mulino 2004 9788815138422

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam is a short text, 8-10 pages, concerning the course argument. Final mark will be GOOD or NOT GOOD.