Business management (2019/2020)

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Giorgio Tavano Blessi
Giorgio Tavano Blessi
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II semestre - sede TN dal Feb 17, 2020 al May 29, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The course is intended to give students an overview of the processes and techniques for marketing and organizing cultural events. The course will first focus on the theory of product policies to then incorporate them into the basics of project management. The phases of idea generation, planning, carry out and control of events will be analysed and relevant techniques presented. Case studies will be presented with a special focus on organizational processes within museum activities and events.


Introduction and definition of cultural product and cultural market
Introduction to Micro and Macro economics
Cultural Capital: definition and cultural value chain
Demand and Supply Constraints to culture consumptio
Activation Costs
Marketing Definition, models, the 4p theory, Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix, examples, price definition policy
Businnes Plan
Enterprise models
Introduction to cultural organization, administrative and management aspects
Project Management: introduction, main instruments, WBS matrix, GANNT

Teaching methods: Lectures

Mandatory text books:
- D. Throsby, Economia e cultura, Il Mulino, Bologna 2005 (o successive edizioni) all
- M. Rispoli, G. Brunetti, Economia e Management delle aziende di produzione culturale (ed dal 2009 in poi) sezione IV, VI, IX, X, XIV, XVII.
- P. Krugman, R. Wells, M.L. Olney, L'essenziale di economia, Zanicelli Bologna, 2007 (o sucessive edizioni) capitoli 1, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15
- Notes from lecturers
- Materials and slides presented during the course are compulsory study

Assessment methods and criteria

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