Medieval Latin Literature LT (i) (2019/2020)

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Edoardo Ferrarini
Edoardo Ferrarini
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Sem 1B dal Nov 11, 2019 al Jan 11, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide an adequate understanding of the cultural institutions of Early Middle Ages (6th-11th centuries) in their historical context and of the principal features of early medieval Latin literature, both with reference to its historical development, literary genres and rules, and by the knowledge of some selected works, through the direct and guided reading of texts in the original and with the aid of methodological approaches aimed at developing adequate analytical and argumentative skills.


(1) Medieval Latin literature: instruments and research methods.
(2) Overview of genres, authors and texts of Latin literature from the 6th to the 11th century (Early Middle Ages); selected readings of more representative authors and texts.
(3) The evolution of the Latin language up to the Carolingian age (morphology, syntax, lexicon).

Bibliography and other learning resources:
(1) Notes from lessons.
(2) P. Chiesa, «La letteratura latina del medioevo. Un profilo storico», Carocci (Studi Superiori 1090), Roma 2017 (capp. 1-3: pp. 11-146); P. Rosso, «La scuola nel Medioevo. Secoli VI-XV», Carocci (Quality Paperbacks 511), Roma 2018 («L’età delle scuole cristiane»: pp. 13-102). Further learning tools will be provided during the course through the e-learning platform.
(3) D. Norberg, «Manuale di latino medievale», a cura di Massimo Oldoni, Avagliano (Schola Salernitana. Studi e Testi 1), Roma 1999, rist. 2018 (pp. 17-91).

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Paolo Chiesa La letteratura latina del medioevo. Un profilo storico Carocci (Studi Superiori 1090), Roma 2017 978-88-430-8888-1
Paolo Rosso La scuola nel Medioevo. Secoli VI-XV Carocci (Quality Paperbacks 511), Roma 2018 978-88-430-9006-8
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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists of an oral test aiming to verify the level of achievement of the learning objectives previously indicated, with special regard to:
• the knowledge of the essential features of medieval Latin literature;
• the ability to understand the cultural, historical and literary context of the chosen texts;
• argument skills, wealth and appropriateness of vocabulary.

*** 2020 summer session: online oral exam. ***