Aesthetics (i) (2008/2009)

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Giorgio Franck
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Primo semestre dal Sep 29, 2008 al Jan 17, 2009.

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Our aim in the course is to examine the meaning of arts born in modern technological context (photography, cinema, new medial arts). Technological development has surely produced a deep transformation of traditional frames which theoretically define artistic processes. At the centre of such a change we must place what Benjamin calls “Aura’s destruction” (which put in question the idea of authenticity). Starting from Benjamin’s analysis, we shall follow its developments to Baudrillard’s late remarks tightly connected to our contemporary condition.


Course’s contents: (a) Benjamin: Aura’s decay. – Religious value and exhibition value of art. – Avant-garde and Mass culture. – Tradition and experience’s poverty. – The destroying character. – The shock. – Cinema and metropolis . – Film cutting. – The optical unconscious. – The leave of XIX century. (b) Baudrillard: the end of reality and simulacra’s society. – Visibility and transparency: the obscenity. – Trans-aesthetics (the diffuse aesthetics). – From Duchamp to Warhol. – Art and “art’s death” in technological era.

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oral examination