Spanish linguistics LM (2020/2021)

Course code
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Learning outcomes

The course is composed of two modules and it aims to offer an introduction to Hispanic Linguistics.
The first module will be dedicated to metalinguistic analysis of the Spanish language, with special attention to language in the media, journalism, and advertising.
The second module will be dedicated to consolidating the acquisition of selected aspects of theoretical models and traditions in linguistic research in the Hispanic context.

Expected outcomes (module 1, 6 CFU):
– at the end of the course students will be able to recognise, describe, and analyse Spanish language phenomena according to the linguistic approaches examined during the lessons;
– they will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the analysis of Spanish texts from the selected contexts (media, journalism, and advertising).

Expected outcomes (module 2, 3 CFU):
– at the end of the course students will have acquired knowledge of theoretical models that can account for linguistic phenomena related to Spanish in a synchronic or diachronic perspective;
– they will apply these models autonomously and coherently to written and oral texts in Spanish.