Reduplication in Mandarin and Sinitic varieties

Starting date
September 1, 2011
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Melloni Chiara

The main aim of this project is to underpin the connection between the semantic relationship binding the constituents of verbs and the formal and semantic properties of their reduplication in Sinitic. We will especially focus on verbal and adjectival reduplication in Standard Mandarin, the best described Chinese language; however, we will also collect data on adjectives, and compare them to verbs. Further, we will extend data collection and analysis to a convenience sample of Chinese ‘dialects’, representing the eight major groups of Sinitic, comparing them to Mandarin. Project members: Chiara Melloni (Università di Verona), Giorgio Arcodia (Università di Milano Bicocca), Bianca Basciano (Università Ca'Foscari, Venezia). Financed by FUR / Submitted in 2013 as a FIRB project (Bianca Basciano as P.I.) and positively evaluated.

Project participants

Chiara Melloni
Associate Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Bianca Basciano
Università di Venezia, Ca' Foscari Ricercatore (A)
Giorgio Francesco Arcodia
Università di Milano Bicocca Ricercatore Confermato


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