Cognate Constructions

Starting date
January 1, 2012
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Melloni Chiara

Within this research project, we intend to analyse in detail Italian Cognate Constructions – with the aid of corpora – and compare them with data from other languages, primarily English and Russian. In particular, we investigate the following issues: a) the status of Italian Cognate Constructions with respect to the argument-adjunct distinction (i.e.: are Italian COs thematic arguments, non-thematic arguments, adjuncts or other?); b) the nature of the cognate noun, in particular its morphological relationship to the verb (i.e.: are cognate nouns always morphologically related to the verb?); c) the syntactic role of the (Direct) Cognate Object with (the few instances of) unaccusative verbs (i.e.: morire la morte del giusto ‘to die the death of the just’); d) the semantic effect of the cognate object with respect to the lexical semantics of the verb.
Funded by FUR (Fondo dipartimentale Unico per la Ricerca).
Previsione di spesa: 2000 euro (per missioni/partecipazione a convegni)

Project participants

Chiara Melloni
Associate Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Antonietta Bisetto
Università di Bologna Lingue e Letterature straniere professore associato
Francesca Masini
Università di Bologna Lingue e Letterature straniere Ricercatore confermato


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