Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology

Patrizia Basso
Full Professor
Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Temporary Assistant Professor
Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Temporary Assistant Professor
Fabio Saggioro
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Archeologia classica Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Archeologia classica
Archaeology of productions Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Landscape Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Description and study of the formation of the landscape using archaeological methods.
Landscape Archaeology Fabio Saggioro
Archaeology of landscape methods and theory
Medieval Archaeology Fabio Saggioro
Archaeology of medieval period
Roman Archaeology Patrizia Basso
Roman architecture, particularly theatres and amphiteatres and their structural and functional transformation as elements of medieval and modern cities (excavations in Roman theatre in Asolo -TV- and Roman amphitheater in Aquileia -UD-; road stations and small settlements (excavations in Montegrotto Terme -PD-;landscape archeology, particularly Roman road and necropolis (excavations in the plane of Verona: via Claudia Augusta and rural funeral area).
Chemistry and Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Chemical analyses applied to archaeological finds.
Theory and methods of Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Theory and methods used to study the ancient world thanks to archaeological discoveries.
Methodology of archaeological research Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Fabio Saggioro
Theoretical approaches, methods, fieldwork strategies and techniques of archaeological research.
Proto-history Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Study of artefacts and societies of Bronze and Iron ages.


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