Aesthetics (m) (2008/2009)

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Giorgio Franck
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Secondo semestre dal Feb 23, 2009 al May 30, 2009.

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Secondo semestre
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Monday 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall 1.2  
Tuesday 11:50 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall 1.2  

Learning outcomes

Baudelaire’s work – in which modern world appears entirely evident in its different and contradictory aspects – has given raise to philosophical interpretations which are totally diverging. In this course we shall analyze two essays (the first one written by Benjamin, the second one by Sartre) which propose opposite views of Baudelaire’s life and poetry. Nevertheless, in spite of this difference, they can be assumed as expressions of theoretical attitudes which, from opposed views, are able to catch, not only highly significant aspects of Baudelaire’s work, but even some modern world’s inaugural characters which are destined to mark its historical development


Course’s contents: (a) Benjamin and Baudelaire: experience’s poverty and metropolis. – Conscious and unconscious memory. – Conscience’s function and memory. – The shock. – Metropolitan crowd. – Spleen and Idéal. – Merchandise and sex appeal of inorganic world. – The phantasmagoria. – Dream’s architectures of XIX century. (b) Sartre and Baudelaire: an “exemplar biography”. – Lucidity and conscience: nihilism as a definite mark of Baudelaire’s life and work. – Contingency and “metaphysical boredom”. – Freedom. – Destiny, greatness and misfortune: the man “under guardianship”. – The representation of Evil. – The dandy.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination