History of the Ancient Near East (m) (2012/2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

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Simonetta Ponchia
Simonetta Ponchia
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Semestrino IB dal Nov 26, 2012 al Jan 23, 2013.

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Semestrino IB
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Thursday 3:40 PM - 5:20 PM lesson Lecture Hall 1.2  
Friday 3:40 PM - 4:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall 1.2  

Learning outcomes

The course is aimed at providing a basic knwoledge and fundamental tools for the research activity in the field of the ancient Near Eastern history. To this aim the lessons will propose relevant case studies, illustrate methods and goals of the analysis according to various approaches and exemplify the use of documentary sources and secondary literature.


Form and function of palaces in first millennium BC Mesopotamia and Syria. The palaces will be analysed as royal residences, seats of governance and administrative institutions, heart of political and administrative decision-making, of construction and diffusion of royal and imperial ideology, seats of libraries, scribal schools and research activities. Central and peripheral palaces will be mapped and studied by examining in details their architectural and decorative features, their functions as centres of communication and direction, economical organization, diplomacy, and as living quarters. Their artistic features will be considered in the framework of communicational dynamics and ideology construction. To this aim the lessons will propose the analysis of epigraphical documents in translation, iconographic sources and archaeological data according to an integrated approach to reasearch methodologies.

Methods: lectures, guided analysis of documents. Attendance is recommended; students who can not attend classes are invited to contact the teacher.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam