Sara Scalia

Foto profilo,  October 7, 2019
Technical-administrative staff
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Palazzo di Lettere,  Floor 3,  Room 14
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Responsabile tecnico Laboratorio di Cartografia ed Archeologia
Referente per la Sicurezza del Dipartimento (incarico istituzionale)
Personale della Commissione dei Laboratori integrati
Personale della Commissione Terza missione

Research groups

Late gothic architecture in the eastern alpine lands.
The research team investigates minor ecclesiastical architecture in the Alpine arch of the Diocese of Aquileia between the 14th and 16th centuries.
Representation and meaning of female Fashion between Renaissance and Baroque.
The research group is composed of two Professors of Art History (Medieval and Modern Art), a Professor of Modern History, a Ph. D Student from the University of Pisa, two Professors from the University of Richmond, a technician from the Department Cultures and Civilizations. Their common interest is focused on History of Fashion and History of Women investigated through iconographic, literary and social analysis.
Sanctuaries in the Veneto region
The members of the team are proceeding to the detailed census of the Christian sanctuaries in the Veneto region, from the Hight Middle Ages to the contemporary age, with site inspections, and detailed bibliographic and archives research.
Title Starting date
Dalle mappe storiche al GIS – Le mura e i forti di Verona 1/1/18


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