PRIN 2015: PROTEUS. An interpretative database of the Greek and Roman mythical lore

Starting date
February 5, 2017
Duration (months)
Culture and Civilisation
Managers or local contacts
Ricottilli Licinia
'Greek myth', 'Roman myth', 'interpretative database'

The PROTEUS project is methodologically rooted in the belief that mythological tales are not just a specific way of telling stories on god and heroes, but also, and principally, a potent tool capable of conveying and handing down models of thinking and patterns of behaviour particularly important for the cultures that devised, elaborated and transformed it over time.
According to the scientific approach adopted by the research units, myths are considered essentially as conveyors of meaning: therefore, in PROTEUS  they will be arranged thematically, and the placing of a myth in a certain thematic area of the database will follow from a cultural interpretation established by the research units.


Funds: assigned and managed by an external body

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