Classics, ancient literature and art

Alberto Cavarzere
Emeritus Professor
Paolo De Paolis
Full Professor
Renata Raccanelli
Associate Professor
Licinia Ricottilli
Teaching Assistant
Andrea Rodighiero
Full Professor
Paolo Scattolin
Associate Professor
Gherardo Ugolini
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Dramaturgy and staging of ancient Greek dramas Gherardo Ugolini
Mode of representation on the modern scene of the ancient Greek tragedies
Classical Philology Gherardo Ugolini
It includes studies looking for ancient, Greek and Latin texts, methods of philological research, in sectors that require research in classical literature books, as well as research on ancient Greek and Latin theater, on the fortune of ancient culture, on history of classical studies and teaching of classical languages.
Greek Philology Paolo Scattolin
I chiefly concern myself with the manuscript tradition of the Greek dramatists and orators, and of their ancient and medieval commentators.
Latin Philolology Paolo De Paolis
History of the tradition of latin classical texts, textual criticism and methods for the edition of classical texts, with reference ti circulation of latin texts during Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Lyric genres in Greek literature Andrea Rodighiero
Study of the archaic and classical lyric poetry in its relation to other genres (namely Attic drama)
Latin Grammarians Paolo De Paolis
Study of the latin grammatical works, wuth reference to their teaching methods ant to the manuscript tradition of late latin grammatical treatises
Quintilian's "Institutio Oratoria" Alberto Cavarzere
Commentary and philological, stylistic, and rhetorical analysis of the ninth book of Quintilian's "Institutio Oratoria".
Wilamowitz's philology Gherardo Ugolini
Wilamowitz's concept of philology and its philological works
The "Mosella" by Ausonius Alberto Cavarzere
Critical and stylistic analysis of the "Mosella" by Ausonius
Latin Epistolography Alberto Cavarzere
Comment and Analysis of Marcus Caelius Rufus' Letters and Cicero's Epistulae ad familiares
Letteratura latina Alberto Cavarzere
Letteratura latina SH5_1
Colloquial Latin Licinia Ricottilli
Mimesis of the “Umgangssprache” in Latin authors. Current possibilities of recuperating a genuine colloquial Latin language.
Ancient Greek Literature Andrea Rodighiero
Paolo Scattolin
Study of the Ancient Greek Literature: text, forms, and literary language
Latin Language and Literature. Licinia Ricottilli
Virgil's Art. Terence's Art. Mythical Lore.
Communication in Latin language and literature Renata Raccanelli
Communication in Latin literary texts, between ancient theories and praxis. Verbal and non verbal communication in Latin texts.
methodologies for the study of communication in Latin literary texts Renata Raccanelli
comparative studies on ancient and modern theories of the relationship; pragmatics of human communication applied to Latin texts, analysis of interaction in cultural context
Meter and rhythm of Graeco-Latin poetry Paolo Scattolin
Meter and rhythm of Graeco-Latin poetry from the archaic period up to the Middle Ages, with a particular focus on historical development in ancient and medieval sources.
Communication in Ancient Rome Licinia Ricottilli
Analisys of linguistic, gestural and paralinguistic modalities of Communication in Ancient Rome. Function of gestural Representation in some authors.
Nietzsche as classical philologist Gherardo Ugolini
Analysis and interpretation of the philological works of Nietzsche
Homer and the epic poetry Andrea Rodighiero
Study of language, style, themes, and figures of the Homeric poems and the Greek epic poetry, and of their influence in Greek literature
Pragmatics of Communication in Classical Texts Licinia Ricottilli
Application of this new methodology (of psychiatric and cybernetic origins) to classical texts. In general, the application of the pragmatics of communication to classical texts seems to be viable because some aspects of the pragmatic settings were already present in the theories of the ancients in relation to rhetorics or literary criticism.
Horace's Lyrical Works Alberto Cavarzere
Comment and analysis of Horace's lyrical works, with special focus on style and metrics
ethic and political thought in late-republican and imperial age, Renata Raccanelli
Ethic and political thought in late-republican and imperial age (Lucretius, Cicero and Seneca), with special reference to: theory of beneficium, theory of adfectus, paradox and ancient pedagogy.
Sophoclean Tragedy Andrea Rodighiero
Study of the extant Sophoclean dramas, with special attention to language and stylistic features
History of classical studies and classical philology Gherardo Ugolini
Developments of philological studies from antiquity to today with a specific interest in nineteenth-century German philology
History of the classical tradition Gherardo Ugolini
Fortleben of Greek and Latin cultural heritage through the centuries
Latin theatre, Renata Raccanelli
Forms of communication in Latin comedy, between text and performance. Pragmatics of comic communication in Plautus. Non verbal communication in Plautus' plays. Seneca's tragedy.
Teofilo Folengo Alberto Cavarzere
Critical and stylistic analysis of Folengo's lyrical works
Greek Tragedy Andrea Rodighiero
Gherardo Ugolini
Literary and philological study of Attic drama (text, language, metre, style)


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