Teaching strategies

Courses taught by the Department of Culture and Civilisation cover a range of fields including cultural heritage, classics, history, literature, linguistics, performance studies, communication studies and publishing. Some degrees are taught in collaboration with other Italian universities.

The Department offers four Bachelor’s degrees and two Master’s degrees, all of which develop students’ professional skills and are geared towards the world of work. More details:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities
  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies
  • Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Cultures for Publishing
  • Master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism
  • Master’s degree in Linguistics
  • Interuniversity Master’s degree in Art (with University of Trento)
  • Interuniversity Master’s degree in Quaternary Period, Prehistory and Archaeology (with the University of Ferrara)
  • Interuniversity Master’s degree in Historical Studies (with the University of Trento)
  • Master’s degree in Tradition and Interpretation of Literary Texts

Further education

The Department offers three PhDs, two of which are which are interuniversity programmes. They aim to provide students with advanced scientific and academic research skills. Professors from other European and non-European universities are regularly invited to teach on all the degree courses, especially the PhD programmes, in order to complement and further develop aspects of the course content, both academically and vocationally.
The PhD programmes offered by the Department are:

  • PhD in Philology, Literature and Linguistics
  • Interuniversity PhD in Art History

Interuniversity PhD in History, Geography and Anthropology

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