Research strategies

The Department of Culture and Civilisation encourages individual studies as well as interdisciplinary studies, stimulating the sharing of academic results with other universities and institutions and cultivating numerous collaborations, both in Europe and further afield, through international agreements, visiting professors and other initiatives.

Projects and research groups

The Department of Culture and Civilisation is a dynamic research centre that believes strongly in creating networks. Many of its staff belong to top level national and international bodies, often holding a high role within them. The Department has numerous active research groups. Covering a wide range of topics of interest and always open to international connections, they have steadily gained excellent recognition. The growing number of research projects that Department members are involved in, in various fields (archaeology, linguistics, history, geography, art history, anthropology, philology, literature, performance arts, etc.), and the Department’s high quality academic output, are testimony of an active, dynamic, first-rate research hub.

Department by the numbers

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Research facilities