Social anthropology, myth, ritual, kinship

Alessandro Arcangeli
Associate Professor
Elisa Bellato
Teaching Assistant
Luca Ciancio
Associate Professor
Marina Garbellotti
Associate Professor
Anna Maria Paini
Associate Professor
Research interests
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Anthropology of migration Anna Maria Paini
The research project related to the JP 2018 RICU aims to promote new forms of mutual comparison, understanding and inclusion through the implementation of artistic actions mediated by ethnographic survey methods. The general goal of the project is to have the experiences of migrants and refugees, as the protagonists of the intervention, their visions regarding the journey, and the representation of the hospitality they received, embedded in symbolically dense artifacts - blankets sewn and manufactured in various ways. These can evoke a shared field of understanding within which those who welcome and those who are welcomed can find the space for discussion and dialogue. The blankets conceived and realized during the project will be merged into an exhibition with the aim of involving citizens in paths of interculturality and creative learning.
Antropologia dell'Oceania Anna Maria Paini
Studi su dinamiche coloniali e contemporanee dell'area oceaniana, con particolare attenzione a Kanaky Nuova Caledonia
Antropologia museale Elisa Bellato
Botanica, medicina e potere nel Rinascimento Luca Ciancio
Si tratta dello studio delle intersezioni tra elaborazione teorica in campo medico-naturalistico e dinamiche del potere nelle corti rinascimentali
History of Family Marina Garbellotti
History of the Body Alessandro Arcangeli
Dance History Alessandro Arcangeli
History of adoption and fosterage Marina Garbellotti


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