Ancient history

Edoardo Bianchi
Temporary Assistant Professor
Alfredo Buonopane
Temporary Professor
Federico Giusfredi
Associate Professor
Attilio Mastrocinque
Full Professor
Simonetta Ponchia
Associate Professor
Luisa Prandi
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Alexander the Great and Alexandrographers Luisa Prandi
Studies concerning Alexander the Great and the Alexandrographers
Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East Federico Giusfredi
Historical philological and linguistic study of the cultures of the Ancient Near East.
Greek memories in Roman world Luisa Prandi
Studies concerning memories of the Greek past collected by historians or other authors living in Roman age.
Auxiliary sciences of History CN Inscriptions. Epigraphy Alfredo Buonopane
Edition of Roman age inscriptions in Latin and Greek. Update of the most important Corpora and implementation of the Epigraphic Database Roma (EDR). Studies about inscriptions on manufacts and daily use objects (instrumentum inscriptum). Epigraphy of production, distribution, consume and recycle.
History of Boeotia, history of Athens Luisa Prandi
Studies concerning archaic and classic history of Boeotia. Studies concerning Athens.
History of Greek polis of Byzantium and East-West relationship Luisa Prandi
Studies concerning the Greek city of Byzantium. Studies concerning the relationships between Ancient Near East and Greek and Roman World.
History of the Mediterranean area in the Archaic age Edoardo Bianchi
My research focuses on: the history of the Mediterranean basin in the Archaic period; the political and cultural relations between the Greeks, the Romans and the Etruscans (VI-IV centuries BCE); modern historiographical perspectives on Archaic Greece and Rome; political and dynastic struggles under the Julio-Claudians.
History of the Ancient Near East Federico Giusfredi
Simonetta Ponchia
History of ancient civilizations of the Syro-Mesopotamian and Anatolian regions, especially in the first millennium BC; history of socio-political and juridical institutions; Mesopotamian literary texts; contacts and cultural transmission in the ancient Mediterranean area
History of the Ancient Near East and Mesopotamia Simonetta Ponchia
Cultural Heritage of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East Sumero-Akkadian literary tradition History of slavery in Syro-Mesopotamian societies Institutions, administrative structures, juridical procedures (First Millennium BC esp.)
Roman History Attilio Mastrocinque
archaic Roman history, Roman Empire, Roman religion, Greek magical inscriptions


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