Medieval history

Alessandro Arcangeli
Associate Professor
Mariaclara Rossi
Associate Professor
Marco Stoffella
Assistant Professor
Gian Maria Varanini
Temporary Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Lombard and Carolingian Italy Marco Stoffella
History of the Italy between 6th and 9th century
History of Adoption Mariaclara Rossi
History of Adoption and different form of infant transfer in the Middle Ages
Political, social and cultural early medieval european history Marco Stoffella
The study of local societies and their development in the early middle ages in northern Italy, Alemannia, Bavaria and Germany
Medieval History Marco Stoffella
Political, social and cultural european early medieval history, Lombard and Carolingian Italy
Political, social and economic history of the late Middle Ages Gian Maria Varanini
The research focuses mainly on the political, social and economic history of the late Middle Ages, but also on the history of agriculture, the history of historiography and the publication of documentary sources.
Renaissance Studies Alessandro Arcangeli


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