The Laboratory of Medieval and Dante Studies (LaMeDan) is specialized in the study and digitization of books and documents of historical and artistic interest. It offers advanced skills for an integrated approach to cataloguing and analysis by exploiting cutting-edge instrumentation for digitization according to the most recent standards (ISO/TS 19263, FADGI…) and historical-artistic skills. The use of chemical-physical diagnostic tools, available in the laboratory, allows to analyze the materials and, in some cases, read texts that are no longer legible. The laboratory also develops and shares software to facilitate the work of scholars and the fruition and reuse of the data collected.

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Andrea Brugnoli
Fabio Coden
Comitato scientifico
Paolo De Paolis
Comitato scientifico
Edoardo Ferrarini
Comitato scientifico
Tiziana Franco
Comitato scientifico
Giacomo Marchioro
Paolo Pellegrini
Mariaclara Rossi
Comitato scientifico
Paolo Scattolin
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Arnaldo Soldani
Comitato scientifico
Marco Stoffella
Comitato scientifico
Valerio Terraroli
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