Master's degree in European History and Geography

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The objectives of this post-graduate course in the History and Geography of Europe are the following: - provide students with advanced competencies in the methodologies of the study of history and geography as well as research techniques needed for the collection and the analytical application of various sources: e.g. archives, bibliographies and maps which are also useful in the description and analysis of the territory. In this way students can gain independence in their abilities to critically study and do research in the field of history and geography by including them in a broader and more interdisciplinary context; - provide in-depth specialisation concerning the most significant moments in Europe’s medieval, modern and contemporary history. The area of study will widen to include countries beyond Europe’s borders in particular North America. At the same time the course aims to provide specialisation in various areas of the field of Geography; that is, the physical, anthropic, economic and political geography of Europe as found in the continent’s diversified territories, as well as in relation to countries outside Europe. In this regard it is of primary importance that the graduates are fluent in both writing and speaking at least one language of the European Union other than Italian, and this should include a certain proficiency in the micro language of the subject area in question; - develop the ability to make presentations concerning one’s own research to groups of both specialists and non-specialists; - develop the ability to work independently with computerised instruments and procedures in the collection and analysis of data, and ultimately its elaboration into complex texts in both digital and traditional formats.

Course details

Degree type
Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
Degree class
LM-84 - Postgraduate degree in historical studies
Supervisory body
Council for the Arts Degree Course
Main Department
Cultures and Civilizations
Macro area
Subject area
Literature, Arts and Communication Studies