Master I in Digital Culture Management: Publishing, archives and libraries in the 2.0 era

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This Masters covers topics concerning the use of information technology in both the public and private sector. It will enable participants to build all-rounded professional knowledge regarding libraries, archives and publishing. Learning how to create, organise, manage and maintain public and private documentation using new software and hardware is becoming a priority we can no longer ignore. The Masters therefore intends to provide the knowledge and skills needed for new ways of producing, managing and conserving records, including dealing with virtual material in compliance with legislative requirements. Course participants will also study e-commerce platforms in terms of marketing and sales strategies by publishing companies, and learn how publishing today can and must utilise these tools to increase their market competitiveness.
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NOTE: Admission is based on the written application; candidates are not required to take an entrance test.

Course details

Degree type
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
1 Year
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Master Universitario in Management della cultura digitale. Editoria, archivi e biblioteche nell’era del 2.0 (I livello)
Main Department
Cultures and Civilizations
Macro area
Subject area
Literature, Arts and Communication Studies