The Didactics of the Italian Language (p) (2005/2006)

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Giuseppe Longo
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2nd semester dal Feb 20, 2006 al May 31, 2006.

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Learning outcomes

the aim of this course is to provide students with the essential skills and competences connected with Italian literature teaching from a methodological and epistemological point of view. In this sense, an objective will be taken into particular consideration: to enable students to approach literary texts by using updated teaching techniques, tools and instructional strategies. The course will also initiate students to create models of knowledge based on the demands of teaching activities. These models will be directed to point out the educational significance of research on literature, by emphasizing the interaction between the knowledge of the discipline and psychological and pedagogical competences.


this course is designed to acquaint students with various materials, teaching methods and theories appropriate for teaching literature in middle schools and high schools, including the multiple ways students and teachers interact with the text within the context of various classroom settings. The contents will be the following: objectives and purposes of literary education. Literature and literariness. Factors creating literary communication and their connection with the analysis of literary texts. Strategies and tactical methods to approach a text. Literature and psychology: motivational and meta-cognitive aspects. Literature and the anthropological approach: from the different elements of a text (based on its author, readers, language, context, means of transmission) to its well-founded exploitation in the classroom and in other places (e.g. libraries and museums) suitable to favour literature learning and appreciation. Strategies that promote and guide students' independent reading.

Assessment methods and criteria

the student’s preparation will be checked by an oral exam, to evaluate his/her understanding and help him/her develop both as a student and a teacher candidate of literature.