History of Architecture (m) (2008/2009)

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Loredana Olivato
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Primo semestre dal Sep 29, 2008 al Jan 17, 2009.

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Learning outcomes

study of the development and of the fundamental characters of the architecture of Michele Sanmicheli (1484-1559) in Verona. Since the thirties of the XVIth century he started to renew the aspect of the city through the use of a classical language. Lessons will concentrate on the historical context in order to analyze the architectural works referring constantly to the social and cultural climate. The study of the role of clients is useful to understand the development of a language destined to have effects until the XVIIIth century.


Content of the course: analysis of the main Veronese and Venetian works of Michele Sanmicheli under the stylistic point of view with constant reference to the cultural debate of that period and to the role of the clients.

Texts of reference: notes from lessons.
Fundamental texts are:
L. PUPPI, Michele Sanmicheli architetto: opera completa, Roma, Caliban, 1986;
P. DAVIES – D. HEMSOLL, Michele Sanmicheli, Milano, Electa, 2004.
During the lessons the teacher will define the precise pages that are necessary for the preparation of the exam. All texts will be available in copies at the end of the lessons.

Teaching methods: one lesson a week lasting two hours each. Students that cannot attend the course are invited to be present at least at the first lessons to receive useful information for the preparation of the exam.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral test.