History of Architecture (m) (2009/2010)

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Loredana Olivato
Loredana Olivato
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I semestre dal Sep 28, 2009 al Jan 16, 2010.

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as its first purpose, the course aims at investigating the sources, the development and the most important features of the works designed by Mauro Codussi (1440 c. – 1504 c.). This architect played a highly relevant role in bringing the renaissance language from Tuscany to Venice, a city that, in this historical moment, intended to become the very centre of a still expanding State, whose goal was to be compared with the great capitals of the past (such as Rome and Bysantium).


Content of the course: the most remarkable works by Mauro Codussi will be studied, especially focusing on formal components as a reflection of the contemporary cultural debate and on the patrons’ role as a foundamental counterpart in the artistic process.

Texts of reference: notes form lessons.
To introduce and to approach the life and works of this architect, a fundamental text is:
L. OLIVATO – L. PUPPI, Mauro Codussi, Milano, Electa, 2007
As long as the course goes on, the teacher will suggest the exact pages requested for the exam. All the chosen texts will be available in copies at the end of the lessons.

Teaching methods: two lessons a week lasting two hours each. Students that cannot attend the course are invited to be present at least at the first lessons to receive useful information for the preparation of the exam.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral test