History of Medieval Art II (2019/2020)

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Fabio Coden
Fabio Coden
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Sem 2B dal Apr 6, 2020 al May 30, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The Course aims to study the artistic experiences (mainly architecture and sculpture) in areas and definied periods between IV-XIII centuries, as well as aims to Investigate cross-cutting issues, even of long lasting, which have conditioned the european lands in the Middle Ages. Among the themes that exemplish this methodological approach, will be researched, for example: interactions between homogeneous areas; the artistic vocabulary of common matrix used in remote areas; the capacity to innovate and develop new forms; the key moments of elaboration of new lexical repertoires; the migration of forms. In this regard, the main purpose of the course is to provide students with the ability to locate, read, understand and evaluate independently the characters of European artistic idioms and, at the same time, to grasp the stimuli come even from places far away.


The course aims to focus on the evolution of the artistic, architectural and sculptural languages of the city of Venice, with specific reference to the ducal chapel of Saint Mark.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Fulvio Zuliani La basilica di SAn Marco. Il cantiere (1063-1094)  
Fulvio Zuliani Nuove proposte per la veste architettonica di San Marco Contariniana  
Zuliani Fulvio, a cura di Veneto romanico Jaca Book 2008 978-88-16-60303-5 solo le pp. 9-120, 226-238, 243-247, 261-265

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam will take the form of a verbal interview, without distinction between attending and non-attending students.
It will focus on the topics discussed in the classroom and on the notions acquired through a specific bibliography.
The evaluation will be expressed in thirtieths.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and in accordance with the University of Verona guidelines, during ​the 2020 summer session the assessment modality will be modified as follows: online oral exam.