History of art techniques and of restauration (m) (2020/2021)

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Monica Molteni
Monica Molteni
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CuCi IB dal Nov 9, 2020 al Jan 9, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course main target is to illustrate the main pictorial techniques used between Middle Ages and Modern History trying to increase the knowledge of these themes through the introduction of study cases. This can allow to expand the critical consideration on techniques in the working context for the artists. The education course considers that students will acquire the ability of critically evaluate the material component of works of art, understanding the historical involvement and expressive elements. The in-depth analysis will focus on wall painting (from Giotto to Raffaello) giving the awareness of the various painters’ modus operandi and their activities. Through the study cases will be introduced detailed studies on scientific diagnostics and the conservative themes about Restoration History.


GIOVANNI BELLINI: PAINTING TECHNIQUES AND CONSERVATION During the course will be studied the artistic techniques that characterize the painting of Giovanni Bellini. For this aim will be considered significative study cases that will give the chance to go into details not only about technical specificities of painter, but also introducing aspects related to the cultural contest, to diagnostic as knowledge instrument of the creative processes of artistic elaboration. There will be a preparatory route about main pictorial techniques used during Middle Ages and Modern Age, due to a partition that will focus on wall painting, panel painting and canvas, giving to the students a chance to frame single study cases and the essential methods for the subject knowledge. The themes explained during the lessons will be illustrated by slides with captions that will be available also for not-present students in e-learning. BIBLIOGRAPHY: To prepare for the general part you must use the following text: - S. RINALDI, Storia tecnica dell’arte, Bologna 2011: pp. 13-51 (la pittura murale); pp. 98-103 (i cartoni pittorici); pp. 109-167 (la pittura su tavola); pp. 169-205 (la pittura su tela). The single study-cases will be analysed using the following texts with the help of power points uploaded on e-learning: S. Volpin, A. Casoli, L. Alberici, I materiali nella pittura di Giovanni Bellini: tredici opere analizzate, in Il colore ritrovato. Bellini a Venezia, catalogo della mostra (Venezia, Gallerie dell’Accademia, 30 settembre 2000 – 28 gennaio 2001), a cura di R. Goffen, G. Nepi Scirè, Milano, 2000, pp. 175-180. R. Bagarotto & Alii, La tecnica pittorica di Giovanni Bellini, in Il colore ritrovato. Bellini a Venezia, catalogo della mostra (Venezia, Gallerie dell’Accademia, 30 settembre 2000 – 28 gennaio 2001), a cura di R. Goffen, G. Nepi Scirè, Electa, Milano, 2000, pp. 184-194. Bellini a Venezia. Sette opere indagate nel loro contesto, a cura di G.C.F. Villa e G. Poldi, Cinisello Balsamo 2008, pp. 31-257.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam should verify the students knowledge on main themes, bibliography from the programme and capacity of critically discuss the study cases discussed during the course.
The exam will be oral with open questions on main subjects treated during the lessons (and available on e-learning for not-present students) and on bibliography.
The evaluation will be 30/30.