History of Modern Art (i) [Cognomi A-K] (2005/2006)

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Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims at analysing the development of the Italian artistic heritage between the Fifteenth and the Nineteenth century. The course examines works of art connected to the cultural context which relates to history and also to the personal relationships and believes of the author, as well as to the real meaning that the work had to express. Particular attention to architecture which is the form of art mostly connected to our every-day life in the city.


From the Early Fifteenth century (Brunelleschi) to the Early Nineteenth century (Canova). The lessons will procede through important artistic moments and phenomena.

Assessment methods and criteria

Preliminary section: short written test (3 questions pertaining architecture, painting and sculpture of different ages).

The students can find on the web-site a list of previously assigned issues to look at as an example. Students in the 4year-degree at the faculty of Arts and Humanities must attend both (i) and (p) courses.