History of Art Criticism I - LM - PARTE I (2020/2021)

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Valerio Terraroli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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CuCi IIA dal Feb 15, 2021 al Apr 1, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

To profitably follow the course and sit the examination the students should possess adequate art history and historical knowledge, from classic art to contemporary art. It is also necessary for the student to have reached a high level of fluency in Italian.

The students should be able to aquire the elements to read and critically explain a historical/artistic testimonies and literary testimonies in an artistic/historical setting,. The student should be able to examine analysis and comparisons on facts, expressing general lines of reasoning and deductions on the main subjects; consequently, the students should develop a smart use of the sources.
The course intends to give tools for a correct speaking ability discussing historical and artistic problems, critical and historical, iconological analysis of a work of art. The student should be able to use the specific glossary of the specific sector selected.


I part:
In the first part of the course the following topics will be proposed:

Vienna School of Art History
Development of decorative arts studies
The method of “pure visibility”
The theory of “modern taste”
The attribution method
The iconographic/iconological method
The Social Art History
The structuralist method
Methods of artistic/historic surveys in the last ten years

At the end of the course a critic anthology will be given to the students (e-learning or e-mail stefania.cretella@univr.it). The texts will be part of the exam:

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Gianni Carlo Sciolla La critica d’arte del Novecento UTET 1995 bib. Ambrosoli STL 701 73; bib. Frinzi BF 120 C 417; e-learning
Orietta Rossi Pinelli (a cura di) La storia delle storie dell'arte Einaudi 2014 pp. 239-490 (bib. Frinzi BF 120 C 924)

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam purposes should verify the learning and critic reprocessing capacities of the treated topics, texts and bibliography.
The exam contents inspects the proposed and discussed topics during the lessons, external tours and the seminary.
The modalities will be oral through a conversation on the above subjects. The exam will be oral with a conversation between student and professor related to the topics of the course, the bibliography and critic texts, the external tours.
The exam could be sit for the examination in one solution with both parts or separately for each module. The final evaluation will be the mathematics grade point average of the two grades.
The evaluation will be on 30/30 and, as written above, could be dispense in one session or through the grade point average of the two separate exams.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and in accordance with the University of Verona guidelines, during ​the 2020 summer session the assessment modality will be modified as follows: online oral exam.