Archaeology and History of Greek and Roman Art (m) (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Through the study of a particular theme in Classical Archaeology (funeral contexts and funeral monuments) the course aims to provide the following skills: - Application of an interdisciplinary methodological approach in the interpretation of the ancient world; - Historical, socio-economic and cultural contextualisation of Greek and Roman artistic expression; - Highlighting of the cultural forms underlying artistic choices and the role of the patron; - Writing and presenting orally a personal research. The main knowledge that will be acquired comprises: - The funeral contexts in Greek and Roman worlds as known from literary, epigraphic and iconographic sources and their relation to society and culture of the time; - Architectural, socio-economic, cultural aspects of the funeral contexts and in particular of the funeral monuments; - location of the necropolis in the urban space and in the countryside; - anthropological, chemical, paleobotanical analyses of the funeral contexts; - methodology for analyzing and documenting the grave goods during the excavation.