History of Venetian Art (m) (2021/2022)

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The course provides the fundamental tools for understanding the formal development and the most relevant themes that concern art history in the Veneto region, with special attention to Venice. During the course, proper visual comparisons and iconographic/iconological interpretations will be the main object of discussion, following an interdisciplinary approach with the support of various sources related to art history, history and literature. The main course's goals are: Provide students with the basic tools for being acquainted with the cultural structures of a period, a theme or a painter; Identify the prevailing iconographies and focus on the problems involved in their interpretation with a critical judgement; Understand and make use of the fundamental sources in a proper way. During the course, students will be invited to verify the reliability of the theoretical statements they have learnt from the teacher by analysing the works of art by their own (slides will be loaded on the learning site). Furthermore, students will be encouraged to develop their judgement and express their opinions on the works of art, in order to increase their skills.