Geography and History of Art (2021/2022)

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This course provides the basic methodological tools for studying different geographic areas from the point of view of art history, with regard to their specific characteristics and their relationships with other areas. During the course, special attention will be granted to art historical subject matters of selected “places”, using sources and methods from other disciplines (historical and others) and taking on an interdisciplinary perspective. The main course’s goals are: Aid students in interpreting the complexity and diversity of different formal languages; Analyse cases of exchange in artistic typologies and iconographies; Appreciate the originality and the relationships of these phenomena within their specific cultural contexts. Read the sources, when necessary in the original text (with translation). During the course, students will be invited to develop their judgement and express their opinions on the works of art (slides will be loaded on the learning site). Furthermore, students will be encouraged to verify the reliability of the theoretical statements they have learnt from the teacher by analysing the works of art by their own, in order to increase their skills.