Federico Giusfredi

Giusfredi,  November 30, 2017
Associate Professor
Scienze dell'antichità
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SH6_4 - Ancient history

SH5_3 - Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics

Polo Didattico Zanotto,  Floor 3,  Room 3.06
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Tuesday, Hours 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM,   Polo Didattico Zanotto, Floor 3, room 3.06
Wednesday, Hours 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM,   Polo Didattico Zanotto, Floor 3, room 3.06

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Federico Giusfredi is an orientalist. He studies the history, philology and languages of the pre-classical Near East. In 2010 he obtained his PhD with a thesis on the sources for a socio-economic history of the Syro-Hittite area in the Iron Age. From 2007 to 2014 he collaborated with the DFG project Hethitisches Wörterbuch (LMU, Munich). From 2015 to 2017 he was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Verona where he carried out a research on the Luwian language. In December 2017 he was appointed Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern History, and he currently is the Principal Investigator of the ERC PALaC project ("Pre-classical Anatolian languages in Contact").


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Research groups

Cultures and languages in contact in the Ancient Near East
Study of the linguistic and cultural contacts in the Ancient Near East, in particular in the area of pre-classical Anatolia, with reference to the activities of the PALaC research project.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East Historical philological and linguistic study of the cultures of the Ancient Near East. Ancient History and Civilizations
Ancient history
Anatolian philology "Anatolian philology studies the documents, scripts, languages, cultures and history of the civilizations of pre-classical Anatolia, from the III and the I millennia BCE. It deals with sources and documents written in cuneiform, Anatolian hieroglyphs, Semitic alphabets and Greek alphabets of Asia Minor. Ancient History and Civilizations
Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics
History of the Ancient Near East History of ancient civilizations of the Syro-Mesopotamian and Anatolian regions, especially in the first millennium BC; history of socio-political and juridical institutions; Mesopotamian literary texts; contacts and cultural transmission in the ancient Mediterranean area Ancient History and Civilizations
Ancient history
Title Starting date
PALaC 2/1/18
SLUW - Syntax of the Luwian Language 6/2/15


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