Giulia Pedrucci

fpt,  February 8, 2020
Temporary Professor
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Lunedì Martedì Mercoledì 13:15. Stanza 3.08 Polo Zanotto.

In caso di necessità durante la sospensione della didattica, prego di scrivere per email e prendere eventualmente accordi per un appuntamento skype.

In case of necessity during the suspension of teaching, please write me an email and we make can arrange an appointment via Skype.


I have been studying ancient polytheistic religions since my first M.Sc. degree in Classics, with a special focus on archeological sources and from an anthropological perspective. The results of my first M.Sc. thesis and of my Ph.D. dissertation were published by L’Erma di Bretschneider and Scienze e Lettere (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei). After a career break (during which I taught in middle and high school), I went back to the academia as MSCA Cofund Fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg (University of Erfurt). On the occasion of the IAHR World Congress in 2015, I started a long-lasting collaboration with a Swiss-Canadian scholar, Florence Pasche Guignard, to develop the epistemological key-tenets of a subfield of gender studies at the intersection between Motherhood Studies and Religious Studies (published in Numen - Brill). On this topic, I published a monograph, edited two collective volumes, and I organized a cycle of three International Workshops entitled Religionification of Motherhood and Mothers’ Appropriation of Religion. The results have been published as proceedings and a selection of them has been published in a Special Issue of Open Theology (De Gruyter). I am currently a Gerda Henkel post-doctoral fellow with a project entitled Votive Statuettes of Adult/s with Infant/s from Southern Italy and Sicily from the end of 7th to 3rd c. BCE: A Cross-Cultural and Meta-Disciplinary Perspective

Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English (H1=C1 and Academic writing), French (B1), German (B2), and Spanish (basic).


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Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies History of Religions (i) SC (2020/2021)   6   
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies History of Religions (i) SC (2019/2020)   6  eLearning



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