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Anita Casarotto is adjunct professor at the University of Verona where she also collaborates with the Oltre il confine project (PI Prof.ssa Mara Migliavacca), fellow and collaborator at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR), and affiliated researcher of Leiden University (NL). She is part of the KNIR-led FASTI Online Survey project (Director Dr. Tesse D. Stek – KNIR), a webGIS platform for the online publication of survey projects and data that was developed by scholars from the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR), the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC) and L-P Archaeology (UK). Anita serves as scientific manager and board member of FASTI Online Survey as well as editor of FOLD&R - Archaeological Survey Series, the open-access peer-reviewed journal of Fasti.

Anita Casarotto obtained her Master degree cum laude in Archaeological Sciences (Laurea Magistrale, University of Padova, 2010) and, afterwards, a postgraduate degree (cum laude) in Archaeological Heritage Management (Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici, University of Padova, 2013) with methodological theses on GIS-based predictive modelling for landscape archaeology and spatial analysis (supervisors: Prof. Armando De Guio - Padova, Prof. Giovanni Leonardi - Padova, Prof. Hans Kamermans – Leiden).
In 2013, Anita started her PhD at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University within the NWO-funded LERC research programme – Landscapes of Early Roman Colonisation (PI and supervisors Dr. Tesse D. Stek – Leiden University, Dr. Jeremia Pelgrom – KNIR). During her PhD in Leiden (defended in 2018), Anita developed a GIS-based methodology to analyse settlement patterns from legacy survey data and published several peer-reviewed articles as well as one book (her PhD thesis, available open access through this link).
As part of Leiden- and KNIR-led archaeological projects, Anita participate in a series of field-survey campaigns in Italy (esp. Basilicata and Molise) and central Portugal, where she supervised and coordinated field-teams of international students. She was a postdoctoral scholarship holder at Leiden University and the KNIR (September-December 2019, Leiden University Fund/Byvanck Fonds) and at the University of Verona (January-February 2020, Oltre il Confine project, PI Prof.ssa Mara Migliavacca).
Her research interests include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial pattern analysis in landscape archaeology, Mediterranean survey archaeology, legacy survey data and site location analysis as well as prehistory, protohistory, ancient Italy and Roman colonisation. Anita is also specialised in predictive modelling and preventive archaeology for cultural resource management to assess the archaeological impact of construction works and guide decisions towards sustainable development in modern spatial planning.

To see her publications, please follow this link.


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