New methodological approaches to archaeology and epigraphy: knowledge, valorization and Cultural Heritage management.

Starting date
February 1, 2009
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations
Managers or local contacts
Mastrocinque Attilio
Archaeological research, Archaeological data analysis, Small finds documentation, Methodologies approaches to restauration, Conservation cultural heritage

The research would suggests purposes and themes related to different aspects of Antiquity studies, in historical and archaeological fields, with investigations including the Veneto, Italian and Mediterranean area:
  • investigations in the roman city of Grumentum, ending up the excavation of certain areas and actuating a conservative restoration of finds and structures;
  • systematic survey in the territory of Mondragone (CE) with possibility to promove a field open-area excavation;
  • archaeological investigations and pottery study in the urban-rustic villa in Villadose (RO);
  • geomagnetic investigations and surveys in the Hittite site of Yassihuyuk, with finds documentation and elaboration and possibility to excavate a field open-area;
  • awareness, valorisation and preservation of the instrumentum scriptum in the Veneto area, with an on line data base creation;
  • historical and archaeological researches on castles and medieval sites as in Illasi (VR) and Nogara (VR).


Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Title Authors Year
Gli scavi dell'Università di Verona nel Foro di Grumentum Mastrocinque, Attilio 2009
Rom und der Osten in I. Jahrhunder v. Chr - Roma e l'Oriente nel I secolo a.C. Mastrocinque, Attilio; Hans Joachim, Gehrke 2009


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