VinKo - Varietäten im Kontakt/Varietà in Contatto/Varieties in Contact

Starting date
January 1, 2019
Duration (months)
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Managers or local contacts
Rabanus Stefan
Multilingualism, Croudsourcing, German dialects, Italian dialects, Ladin, Cimbrian, Mòcheno, Saurano

The VinKo project consists of an online platform with questionnaires on morphology, syntax and phonology and is aimed at collecting linguistic data from Romance and Germanic non-standard speech varieties in Trentino/South Tyrol and Veneto (and some language islands in Friuli). VinKo makes use of online crowd-sourcing in order to reach as many participants as possible and to collect data from a wide range of localities across the regions. Participants can contribute to the project by registering on the VinKo website and recording their own responses using the built-in microphone of the platform. There is a variety of tasks on the page - e.g., translations from Italian/German into their local speech variety, the description of pictures and conversations, the pronunciation of single-word dialect items - which the participants are asked to complete. The recordings are collected and stored in the online database which serves as a corpus for both the researchers and the speech community members of the involved linguistic varieties. Furthermore, a selection of the recordings is visualized on the open-access section of the webpage through an interactive map (GIS), which can be used by participants and anyone interested in exploring the collected data and learning more about the multilingual environment of the Trentino/South Tyrol and Veneto regions. The full corpus can be downloaded from the repository of the Eurac Research Clarin Centre (ERCC):

VinKo (Varieties in Contact) Corpus:

The project has two main objectives. The first is to provide a detailed description of linguistic microvariation in the area and the linguistic influences existing in phonology, morphology and syntax between the Germanic and Romance varieties, and to formulate generalizations which are valid for the general theory of language contact. The second objective is to increase the knowledge of widespread multilingualism in the area and the awareness of local languages which are a crucial part of the cultural heritage as it merits safeguarding and refinement. In this respect, an important integration is constituted by the VinKiamo subproject, a PCTO activity developed in collaboration with the Regional School Office for Veneto, in which the students from upper secondary schools are trained and act as research assistants within their local communities, also promoting the intergenerational dialogue with elderly speakers of the local speech varieties.


The research is realized in collaboration with researchers at the Universities of Trento and Bolzano.

Project page:


Descrizione breve del progetto in italiano

Pitch-Video auf Deutsch


Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Anne Kruijt
Temporary Assistant Professor
Andrea Padovan
Associate Professor
Stefan Rabanus
Full Professor
Marta Tagliani
Research Scholarship Holders
Alessandra Tomaselli
Full Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Barbara Vogt
Università dell'Aquila
Birgit Alber
Università di Bolzano
Roberto Zamparelli
Università di Trento
Patrizia Cordin
Università di Trento
Research areas involved in the project
Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Dialectology - Dialektologie
Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Germanic Grammar and Syntax – Grammatik und Syntax
Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Language Change, Language Planning, Language Policies – Sprachwandel, Sprachplanung, Sprachpolitik
Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Phonetics and Phonology – Phonetik und Phonologie
Title Authors Year
VinKo Cordin, Patrizia; Rabanus, Stefan; Alber, Birgit; Mattei, Antonio; Casalicchio, Jan; Tomaselli, Alessandra; Bidese, Ermenegildo; Padovan, Andrea 2018


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